• 2014 – Wildseed Farms – Award of Excellence from Trip Advisor
  • 2013 – Wildseed farms – Award of Excellence from Trip Advisor
  • 2012 John R. Thomas awarded Business/Professional individual for Conservation in Gillespie County and Region II of the Texas Soil and Water Conservation Districts.
  • 2012 Wildseed Farms - Award of Excellence from Trip Advisor
  • 2009 The American Business Defense and Advisory Council selected John R. Thomas as the 2009 Entrepreneur Of The Year representing the State of Texas.
  • Wildseed Farms Market Center won the 2001 National Garden Center Magazine Innovator Award for merchandising and management.
  • Wildseed Farms' Alamo Fire Bluebonnet was selected the 2001 best of show Novelty Plant in Europe's Fleuroselect Trials.
  • Wildseed Farms' owner and founder, John R. Thomas, was recognized by the Professional Agricultural Workers of Texas for outstanding Leadership in Agribusiness for the year 2000.
  • Wildseed Farms' 2000 Wildflower Reference Guide and Seed Catalog won the Judge's award at the 13th Annual Florida Printing Awards presentation.
  • Wildseed Farms Market Center Building was selected by the Texas Forestry Association as the winner of the "Excellence in Wood Design" commercial division award in 1999.
  • Wildseed Farms' video, "How to Plant Wildflowers" , won the award of excellence in two categories at the 1999 Ideography Awards.
  • Wildseed Farms' 1998 Wildflower Reference Guide and Seed Catalog was voted Best of Category at the 11th Annual Florida Print Awards.
  • Wildseed Farms' Wildflower Reference Guide and Seed Catalog was chosen as a finalist in the 1998 American Catalog Awards.
  • Wildseed Farms, Inc. Vacuum Seed Retriever was featured in the 1988 April issue of the National Geographic Magazine.
  • Wildseed Farms' famous Growers Guide to Wildflowers has been honored with the "Award of Excellence" given by the Printing Industries Association of Texas.
  • Wildseed Farms is the world's largest supplier of Texas Paintbrush, Indian Blanket, Texas Bluebonnet and Lance-leaved Coreopsis seed in bulk.
  • Wildseed Farms is the exclusive seed producer of the Laura Bush Petunia - rated as a "Texas Superstar" by the Texas A&M Agriculture program.
  • Wildseed Farms consults as well as designs with leading landscape architects and highway departments throughout the United States to maximize the use of native and non-native flora.
  • Wildseed Farms is the only company that has planted over 3,000 acres of wildflowers for beautification purposes in the South.
  • Wildseed Farms' John R. Thomas, received the 2002 "Award of Excellence" from the National Garden Club, Inc.
  • Wildseed Farms' John R. Thomas is a current panel member of industry experts for the monthly Garden Center magazine.
  • Wildseed Farms, spearheaded by John R. Thomas, was the first company to use wildflowers in a successful erosion control experiment for landscape architects and the Texas Highway Department.
  • Wildseed Farms' Regional Wildflower Blends were awarded the Seal of Approval from the member-tested National Home and Gardening Club
  • Wildflower seed, grown here on the farm, are available through our free mail order catalog which can be accessed online, or we can send one to you easily and quickly! Our catalog features seeds for over 90 varieties of wildflowers, grasses, herbs and exotic garden variety seeds. Online we include a selection of our specialty foods, gifts, and birdhouses that we sell in our Market Center!
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