We're harvesting and cleaning! 

Our walking trails are open 9:30am – 5:30pm. We respectfully request pictures be taken from the trails next to the flowers and not in the flower beds. The larger fenced fields are our production fields. The fences keep our crops safe from deer and toddler’s bottoms. Thank you for your understanding.

Wildseed Farms is a working farm. Our crops are the seeds we harvest from the flowers in our fields. As a working farm, at all times between Spring bloom and the first freeze, there will be fields that are in bloom or growing, fields going to seed, and fields newly plowed or planted. While the flowers are going to seed they can look unsightly to some, but to us these fields are beautiful too. The cycle of life plays out over and over and we get to be witnesses to this amazing process. The pictures below are of the three stages of plant life on our farm. 


Keith is out on the combine harvesting our Lemon Mint.

The front of the combine cuts and stalks and the process of separating stalk and flower head or seed pods. The larger stalks are sent out the back chute and the smaller pods and stems are collected in the hopper. 

This picture shows the seeds in the hopper behind Keith. Looking good for next year's crop!

Cultivating the field getting ready for Cosmos!

We have completed our Bluebonnet harvest and having started processing the seeds.  This is the first stage of the process. After this step the seeds are sent to our Eagle Lake farm for further processing and testing. We test all our seeds for purity and germination. We are cautiously optimistic about this year's harvest.  

Seed Pods are laid out to dry. We sweep the pods out flat, dry, turn, dry again. Repeat as needed. 

     Pods are shoveled into containers and lined up for processing. 

Here the pods are being loaded onto the conveyor belt which takes them into a giant hopper. 

This is a shot of the back side of the conveyor belt and the hopper. 

From the hopper the pods feed into this contraption. The pods are routed through several trays, rollers, and shakers. 

A member of our team keeps the pods from backing up and jamming the rollers. The seeds are being shook out of the pods and fall through screens. The shells and other large materials are fed out of the back of the machine and are used for mulch. 

Beautiful Bluebonnet seeds ready to go into another round of cleaning to remove the remaining non seed particles.