Winery & Vineyards

In 2015, We put our years farming experience to work to help fill the gap for quality grown Texas Hill Country grapes.  This booming industry has spurred us to plant several varietals of grapes that thrive in our unique Hill Country climate.  We currently have 20 acres of grapes in production with another 30 acres in the planning stages.

Here are a few varietals currently growing...

  • Albarino, 4 acres
  • Tempranillo, 5 acres
  • Mourvedre, 3 acres
  • Dolcetto, 3 acres
  • Trebbiano, 2 acres
  • Viongnier, 2 acres
  • Syrah, 1 acre

Visit Wedding Oak Winery at Wildseed Farms for an award winning lineup of Texas wines!